Ideas (half-baked) which used to glow

With an inner promise of beauty

When turned around and placed

With their feet on the ground

Dissolved into the dust of the brain

Tossed into the gutter, with rain pattering

against their feeble souls, their ink washed away

And running down the drain

Scrapped and thrown to the side like wrapping paper

on Christmas Afternoon

Undercooked thoughts

Have a dreadful fate.

The Season Loop

“I was tricked!” screamed the tree

As the wind squealed and screamed,

Dragging its new leaves in an unseen bag

He scattered the lot and soon forgot

About the Beech screaming bloody murder behind.

And onto the next, to plunder and vex the great big Oaks,

And the Aspens and especially the Maples

And old Mr. Wind  swept up his collection and got out his paint.

It was a nice clear solution, and he spread it on the cowering leaves backs.

And they turned rusty red and burnt orange and sad

And eventually crumbled to dust.

And that was was when Wind began to laugh and spin

And raged the whole world over

But when Summer’s rays, broke through the haze,

It started all over again.



Strips of Summer

Strips of summer

Raining down

Like pictures from a photo booth

Fragments of tarnished memories

Long bike rides

Even longer trips in the car

Pool noodles and inner tubes

And the bonfire at the beach

Reading books

And growing gardens

Crazy pyrotechnics

Long green grass

And lazy days….

Memories smothered in summer haze.


Fresh, clean

A new sheet of paper

To reboot, recharge, replay

New is empty,

Sometimes full

New year,

New month,

New day.

Quiet and waiting

Eager to begin

With a scent not unlike

The first day of school.


Purple, plump

Back of the game board

How pleasant to sit

Under a plum tree

Rotund, casual

Pits aplenty

In the slow

Summer hours

Petite, patient, perfect

Absolutely plummy

This golden afternoon.


Rising Asleep and Waking Down

What a backwards world!

We’d rise to our dreams

And plunge back down,

Away from the strange land,

To find ourselves back in our head

At the alarm clock’s call

Waking down in the middle of the night

Is always quite awful;

Kicked out of Cloud Nine

Because our hosting bed was complaining.

Insomniacs must be very down-to-earth,

And deep-sleepers are likely heavy dreamers,

Eager to escape.

A Review of The Hunger Games

Katniss Everdeen lives in District 12, a poor community controlled by the Capitol. It was founded from the ruins of North America, somewhere near the Appalachians. Every year, one boy and one girl between the ages of 12 and 18 is chosen to compete in the Hunger Games, a televised fight to the death between 24 tributes. All citizens are required to view it and it is used as a tool to remind them to never rebel against the Capitol. And when Katniss’ little sister, Prim, is forced to join the Games, Katniss volunteers to go for her.
But you probably know all that anyway.

I guess I’ll start with the characters. Katniss is a strong-willed, loyal, brave, strong, resourceful person, someone perfect for the Games. I loved hearing the story through her eyes, because she is analytical and calculating, yet can express plenty of emotion. It is the perfect way to view an unknown world.

Peeta is kind, also loyal, charismatic, and a bit soft, having grown up in the richer section of District 12. Because he was also selected for the Games, Katniss views him as someone to avoid due to the fact that they’ll just have to kill each other eventually. but eventually their feelings for each other grow.

Of course, Haymitch, Effie, Cinna, Portia, and the rest of the crew are all loveable, and in some cases ridiculous, and Effie and the design team really add to the comfortable, cushioned, luxurious, ridiculous way of Capitol life.

Rue and Prim are very similar, yet different, and I love them both. Prim is the basis for the whole story, and is very delicate and sensitive, but very small and quick and overall has the same stature and aura as Rue. However, Rue is a little more resourceful and brave, eager for a challenge, and is one of my favorite characters in the book.

Now onto the setting.

Panem is a land of contrasts. You have the Capitol, where people are drowning in luxury, very self-centered, and rather ridiculous, in appearance and demeanor. Then you experience the districts, especially the poorer ones, where people die every day from starvation and disease, and they are completely controlled by the Capitol.

The government and reasoning behind it is very cruel, but well explained. And the arena settings are very interesting and all the creatures and plants in them are cool to read about.

The plot was very well done and I found it very hard to put this book down, and the pacing was practically perfect. In a very high-speed story, I still felt that it was in-depth. I guess Suzanne Collins just knows which spots to hit.

The word choice made the story feel sharp and analytical, yet I still fell that depth that allows me to know background. The writing was just excellent, and in many scenes I felt like I was watching it like a movie in my head.

Some questions about the book: 1. Are the only people in the world in North America, or are there other continents? 2. If there are other continents, are there people on them? 3. If there are not other continents, is North America just between the Rockies and Appalachians that the Capitol stretches between, or is the more land. 4. Also, do you have to be born in the Capitol and have  a lot of ancestors living there to not be counted into the Games?

Anyway, very addicting, and I can’t wait to reread Catching Fire!