“Oh no!” I moaned, as my lucky penny rolled under my desk. “Now I’ll have to go and get that.” As I crawled under my desk and tried to find it, my horseshoe fell off of my belt and landed on my foot. “Ouch!” Having a twenty-pound piece of metal fall on your foot was not a thing the doctor would recommend, plus, it hurt a lot. I finally managed to get my penny and fasten the horseshoe to my belt, when I saw the class lining up outside to go to lunch.

I hurried outside and got a place in line. As always, I counted the kids in front of me to make sure that I wasn’t an unlucky number. The kid in front of me was number twelve, so I was number…THIRTEEN!

“Can I please cut you?” I said to the boy in front of me.”It’s super important. Pleeeeeease?!”

“Uh…Let me think,” said the boy in front of me.”Hmm…I’d say…NO!”

I groaned and was about to turn to the girl behind me, but the line was starting to move. I sighed. Too late. My horseshoe weighing me down, I trudged to the cafeteria with the rest of the class, crossing my fingers, hoping that it would block the unluckiness of being number thirteen.

When I got my food, I accidentally dropped a salt packet and salt spilled onto the linoleum tile. I quickly pinched some salt between my fingers and tossed it behind me. Right into the beet-red face of our dreadful principal, Mr. Simmons.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, sir! I…I’m r-really sor-rry.” I stuttered. Right before he could yell at me, I ran out of the cafeteria and into the lunch court. My eyes darted around the room, trying to find something to bring me good luck again. I spotted a board of wood propped against the wall. I could knock on wood! As soon as my knuckles brushed the board, it toppled over and hit my lunch tray. Ketchup spurted all over my new shirt and chocolate milk drenched my face.

On the walk home from school, I realized something. These lucky things were bringing me bad luck! I needed to stop thinking about my luck and focus on important stuff.

All of a sudden, a black cat walked by.




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