A Note to My Notebook

Dear Notebook,

I know that you are already reading this,

But thank you for being there when I write a list.

Or compose

A poem or prose.

For listening to my joys and woes.

All those blank and empty rows

Waiting to be filled

Make me happy.

Between the journal entries

And my verse

I hardly can find a page

Still open to my train of thought,

For, as you know, I think

A lot.

I’m glad that you are always here,

To whisper ideas or lend an ear.

So I close this note sincere.




One thought on “A Note to My Notebook

  1. Hi Emma this is Eva! I am commenting from the kindle fire’s awesome keyboard. Today is my birthday! At my sleepover we r going to blast music so loud! Today I got an iNano™.


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