Lightning flashes in the pit of my mind.

Thunder grumbles in the distance of my imagination.

My train of thought veers off the tracks, heading to the unknown future.

Gales of wind whip around my puzzle of knowledge, blowing away vital pieces.

Rain lashes out at the ground, where Logic happens to dwell.

My Brain goes out of control, visiting places it’s never been before.

It sparks and flashes! It booms and rumbles!

But then the clouds fall away like curtains on a stage.

Ideas bloom in the Field of Inspiration and a rainbow of understanding crosses my mind.

The storm is over and Wisdom peeps out of its home.

Thoughts circle like hawks in their flight, trying to catch a glimpse of last night’s



One thought on “Brainstorm

  1. Hi I really like this one!
    And I think Astro night went well too. No. I have not finished the 3rd book.
    I kinda took a break. Here are my ideas for your notebook pages=
    1. You could use it to write stories or ideas you think up.
    2. I will give more ideas later.This is hard.


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