I took to thinking the other day,

What if the entire world was gray?

And although color has so far prevailed,

What if one time it utterly failed?

And the whole world over,

There was no more green in the clover.

No more little pink flowers.

No more blue April showers.

No more yellow to light the day.

No more orange fire to guide our way.

No more golden sand on the shore.

No certainly not, not anymore.

No more silver moonlight

To beautify the dark night.

No more brown nuts to fall

From the trees so very tall.

No more apples of red.

And that is how it would be,

If all color was set free…



One thought on “Color

  1. Wooooooooooow! I wish I thought of this! It is marvelous! Yes of course you can copy me. ( Just not the same exact words ):)
    You are SO awesome! Excited to see you! Hoppy.
    P.S. SO,SO,SO excited to see Penny!;D


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