My Parakeet, Penny!

My Parakeet, Penny!


4 thoughts on “My Parakeet, Penny!

  1. Hi Emma!…….Again! I loved playing with you.It has been so long!
    I LOVE my neckalace.I am wearing it . It reminds me of you. 😉
    sigh. It is so nice to see Penny”s sweet face again!
    So excited for Friday.
    P.S. Are you sure I couldn’t take care of her?

      • Didn’t I tell you? We gave her away six days after we got her. She was majorly depressed at our house, so….Yeah. But she wasn’t that interesting anyway, since she was so depressed.

        -Emma, a.k.a. littlewordworm 🙂 😀 ;P 😉 😮

        P.S. The library system is working again, so I put like seven books on hold. 😉


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