i seem to remember

all the

little things

in life

details stick

pictures waltz through my thought

and words drift near my mind

that’s a good thing

if i were a spider

and thoughts and words were flies

i would



go hungry.


One thought on “Remembry

  1. Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi!!!!!!!!!!!
    Whew, I actually said that out loud and now, boy is my mouth tired! No, not really. I was just joking. Now, to get to the point. Hmm, what is my point? Ohhhhhh. 😦
    i just hate it when I forget what I am about to say, er, write. Have you been on wil’s blog? I hope so. Got to make him feel goo. He is nice. See ya!
    P.S. Sorry that that was all just non sence. I think I am normally nonsence. 😀


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