June’s Riddle

June's Riddle

This is a close-up picture of something. It seems that it is a bit too difficult to solve, so here are three clues:

1. This item can be found in an average home.

2. It can be useful as well as decorative.

3. You can see and smell it.

Comment your guess. I will post the answer in the Newsletter. Good Luck!





6 thoughts on “June’s Riddle

  1. A long time ago when this was still on then I went on here and I went on here and was like its a candle! But then I went on news place and I found that Hope did it. So that was the second time I was in second.:D

  2. Hope. ( Sorry, Wil and I put our name before we comment so ya know which one it is! 🙂 )
    This is trickier than I expected. Hmmm. I hope ya don’t mind if I do morer than one guesses.
    Aya! It is HARD! Oh I am so excited to see you tonight. Gueshwatt! Gueshwat! Gueshwat! I will tell you when I see you tonight. By the way, you shouyld really check your blog more often. Every. Chance. You. get. 😀
    Umm. I will wait to guess on this later. 🙂 😦 ( Embarrased Face is supposed to be those. I can’t really do some faces so I do more than one sometimes. Just try and miz them together when I do that. 😉 )


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