Story Intro

Ms. Clark, the secretary at Manzanita Elementary School, hated delivering bad news. Unfortunately, that was the exact thing she had to do on this particular Tuesday. She walked briskly down the hall, her black high heels clicking on the linoleum floor.

As she exited the school’s main building, she cringed. Ms. Clark had always hated the sound of children. Their gleeful shouts and the clank of the swings and tetherball chains echoed throughout the playground as she strolled towards the fifth grade wing.

She scanned the row of classrooms and knocked briskly on Room 17’s door three times. Cheery Mrs. Salvin cracked open the door and stared at Ms. Clark expectantly.

“Plan Thirty-seven,” whispered Ms. Clark. She then turned and marched away, as if she were late for something.

Mrs. Salvin slammed the door and drew the curtains sharply over the windows.

Principal Hartwig’s plan had begun.*


*Tell me if you like this beginning and if I should continue the story through your comments!



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