Number Personalities (Mini Riddle)

1 is always excited,

2 is consistently abroad

3 is perfect

and 4 is rich

5 is the most average of them all,

6 is rising towards success,

Yet 7 is unfinished

and 8 is overly thoughtful.

9 knows how to start a secret

And 0 knows how to end it.


See if you can figure out why the numbers are like this and where I got the idea!


6 thoughts on “Number Personalities (Mini Riddle)

  1. I get it! It’s the number things along the top of your keyboard. ( 1 is an exclamation point (!), 2 is an alt (@), ect.

  2. Arggghhh! I’ve been staring at it for half an hour and didn’t get it! I even proposed that my daughter takes a print-out to school tomorrow so that the 11-year-old wizkids try to solve it for me during the English lesson.
    Now I see your hint… I have been using an ipad.
    A very smart riddle! And a really big hint – maybe too big…
    Thanks for the laugh!
    Greetings from Holland, Katerina

    • Yeah, I know, it’s hard. But I’ll give youa hint: It’s all right there at your fingertips. Or at least it is while your’re reading this on a computer. Not an iPod, a computer. That’s a really big hint.


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