The One and Only Ivan

I really loved this book, and can definitely see why it won the Newbery.

This book was written from the viewpoint of a gorilla, The One and Only Ivan, who has been imprisoned in a sorry mall for the past twenty-seven years. He barely remembers his childhood in the jungle and doesn’t give much thought to wanting to escape the mall. After all, he is fed, and his friends Stella the elephant and Bob the dog are there.

But when baby elephant Ruby arrives at the zoo, he knows something has to change so that she can have a happy life.

And so, with his artistic talent, he changes their lives.

The writing was amazing and simple, and it fully conveyed the feelings of all the characters. It is also a short read. (I finished it in a day.)

I loved the personalities of the characters. They all seemed so real. And when I found out that this book was a true story, it made me feel sad, yet hopeful that things can change for anyone, anytime, any place.

Before the story begins there is a quote: “It never too late to be what you might have been.” -Georeg Eliot. I think that conveys the theme of the entire story and fits every moment into those 11 words.
Definitely check out this book!



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