About the Poet

She loves bookish, wordy things, collecting, and chocolate. She likes the smell of ink and paper and thinks that every writer should have an old-fashioned, leather-bound journal. She tends to read late and wake up in the wee hours of the night to scribble down ideas. She is eloquent and happy. She is a pianist, perfectionist, multi-tasker, swimmer, and anglophile. Her goal is to check out the entire library, and she is 7% done. This poet is also a blogger, and hopes that you enjoy her poems and prose. 🙂

(You can also find her at http://alistofthingstolove.wordpress.com/

4 thoughts on “About the Poet

  1. I saw your comment in the community Pool and decided I would stop by and check out your blog, You are an awesome Poet! I love your work, I look forward to reading more material from you in the future! (Your blog is looking awesome btw) =]

  2. Nice theme! (feels like a library) 😉 But it is a little… Formal. Whatever. 😛


    P.S. 🙂 😉 😛 :-O 😀


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