A Place to Sit

A Place to Sit

A place to sit,
in this corridor of time.
A pause in this ticking hour,
A break in this endless line.
A place to sit
Would be good
Maybe we could
Look at the view.
That would be nice,
Doing it with you.
In fact, I think I’ll stop here
and rest for a while.
Come with me,
so we can enjoy our
Place to Sit.


June’s Riddle

June's Riddle

This is a close-up picture of something. It seems that it is a bit too difficult to solve, so here are three clues:

1. This item can be found in an average home.

2. It can be useful as well as decorative.

3. You can see and smell it.

Comment your guess. I will post the answer in the Newsletter. Good Luck!