Slippers of the Snow Queen

Dance, their pointed toes

Spreading frost in an intricate web

There are clouds in our lungs

That come out when we speak,

Drawn to the cold

Frost is laced on the windows and shingles

Silver-blue is the color of



Pocket of blue in the gray clouds

Pocket of green in the frost

Pocket of warmth by the fireplace

Pocket of breath in the exhaust

Pocket of rain in the clouds

Pocket of silence when choirs sing

Pockets of stars in the black

A pocket in everything

Blue Moon

Blue for sadness, that Summer has left

and her whispers reach out to us, to tell us that she has gone,

gone to an unreachable place

Blue for Icy Wind that will move in and bite and snap at your heels

Blue for a silent happiness that Autumn has arrived,

that we are no longer in Summer’s trance

Blue moon as Mother Nature’s gift for this season shift