Rising Asleep and Waking Down

What a backwards world!

We’d rise to our dreams

And plunge back down,

Away from the strange land,

To find ourselves back in our head

At the alarm clock’s call

Waking down in the middle of the night

Is always quite awful;

Kicked out of Cloud Nine

Because our hosting bed was complaining.

Insomniacs must be very down-to-earth,

And deep-sleepers are likely heavy dreamers,

Eager to escape.

Winter Birds

Little birds fly away from the storm

Wings heavy with heaven’s tears

Calling, chirping, mourning

Ink blotches against the gray parchment

Crow soars farther into the storm

The coward proving his bravery

We are trapped in winter weather

Watching nature through a screen

Little birds fly away from the storm,

But we are stuck in between