Strips of Summer

Strips of summer

Raining down

Like pictures from a photo booth

Fragments of tarnished memories

Long bike rides

Even longer trips in the car

Pool noodles and inner tubes

And the bonfire at the beach

Reading books

And growing gardens

Crazy pyrotechnics

Long green grass

And lazy days….

Memories smothered in summer haze.

Winter Birds

Little birds fly away from the storm

Wings heavy with heaven’s tears

Calling, chirping, mourning

Ink blotches against the gray parchment

Crow soars farther into the storm

The coward proving his bravery

We are trapped in winter weather

Watching nature through a screen

Little birds fly away from the storm,

But we are stuck in between

Blue Moon

Blue for sadness, that Summer has left

and her whispers reach out to us, to tell us that she has gone,

gone to an unreachable place

Blue for Icy Wind that will move in and bite and snap at your heels

Blue for a silent happiness that Autumn has arrived,

that we are no longer in Summer’s trance

Blue moon as Mother Nature’s gift for this season shift