Umbrella Skies

Umbrella skies are soft and gray,

Blocking away blue days

They catch the rain, but dump it away

The wrong way

I hold the forked lightning handle tight

And want to go home, safe and dry

To where I can sit by the firelight

For while plants can turn green and

Live long lives,

I look up at the sky and sigh…

Breathe in Home

Being in my warm room, breathing in pencil wood and rubber eraser shreds and papery souls that live in my books

In my mind flying when I stand up high and inhale the air and the sky: My wall, a tree, the bars

Sheltered in the roof and touching the rafters when I pause in the dusted attic, breathe in and out

In the library and museums, history and fantasy entering my lungs and dancing through my thoughts

Breathing in my homes, letting their happiness settling and be remembered