Thick winter night, velvety and soft

Sparkling snow is icing on the rooftops

Glittering like a thousand stars

Shining in the moons white eye

Rounded triangle wings lie in the snow

Left there from the dawn

To fly again at sunrise

Snow angels resting as they glimmer with the moon

Arms outstretched, bright and hopeful as their makers.

My Collection

In my jar I store my finest things

It’s filled to the brim with only room for one more

I wonder what time has in store for me.

I cram in moments and seal them up tight,

Arrange them neatly, in order just right

My collection of moments is only mine,

like a clock, tickmarks of my lifetime.

There’s a shooting star,

A golden sunrise and set.

My favorite song on an old casette.

The smell of fall leaves and sunshine,

my fifth grade teachers

and my first friendship.

The time we went on a summer trip.

Jumping in the pool with clothes,

and finishing my favorite book.

Walking on the brick wall

bouncing on my trampoline.

Hearing my shrill scream.

Dancing in the pouring rain

 and running from a large Dane.

Swinging under the apple tree

in summer’s great heat.

Feeling wet, smooth sand under my feet

and scoring for the team.

All this is in my jar, and it’s been working out great so far.

I hope that my memories don’t crack or fray,

because the magic in these moments is impossible to pay.